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Dont Fidget A Feather Erica Silverman

Dont Fidget A Feather

Erica Silverman

Published May 1st 1998
ISBN : 9780689819674
32 pages
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 About the Book 

In the picture book Dont Fodget a Feather by Erica Silverman, the story is being told about a duck and a gander being friends and having small competitions to see which one of them is the one true and forever champion of champions. First they have a swimming contest to see who could swim the fastest across the lake, and duck won. Next they had a competition of who could fly the highest in the sky, and gander won. Lastly, they had a competition of who could freeze in place for the longest amount of time. When they froze in place first a bee came flying around them, but then next a group of bunnies came jumping around them. This whole time they still composed themselves and stayed frozen in place. Next, a flock of crows came and cawed and fluttered around them, but they were still frozen. This entire time, duck was sure gander would move, but gander remained still. A gust of wind then came and blew gander into a meadow of dandelions, and blew duck into a mulberry bush. Then, a hungry fox spotted gander and duck being frozen and he gathered them up to take them home and eat for dinner. Duck thought for sure that gander would move now but he didnt. When they got to the foxs cave, the fox picked up gander and as he was about to put him in the boiling pot, duck quacked Dont cook my friend! and snapped at the foxs tail and nipped at his nose. The fox ran away. Gander and duck were safe now, and gander declared duck the true champion for her noble act. They both then sat down and enjoyed the foxs vegetable stew.This picture book was enjoyable, fun, and easy to read for young children. When reading, I could see the plot was put into chronological order going from beginning to middle to end. And the main conflict within the plot was person vs. person (duck vs. gander) but then quickly shifted to duck and gander vs. the fox. I thought this was a meaningful story, being able to teach children about the importance of friendship and how being the best at everything among them isnt important at all. I think this book could be helpfully used to read to children or brothers and sisters who maybe compete against each other a lot in their everyday lives, to show them how their friendship has more value than just being the best at everything. The illustrations of this book were done by S.D. Schindler and were done nicely to enhance the text of the book. The illustrations were done in color pencil and mostly done with earthy shades of green. This represents the nature and calming setting this story was taking place in. I thought the pictures enhanced the simple text greatly, and gave the reader a perfect interpretation of whats going on. Overall, I thought this was a great book with good meaning behind it. I highly recommend teachers and parents to read this book to children in read-alouds and help them be less competitive.