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The Pretender David Belbin

The Pretender

David Belbin

Published 2008
ISBN : 9781905512515
224 pages
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 About the Book 

This book was enjoyable, but had a disappointing ending. Very average.For having the name of literary thriller it had little suspense and on occasions read more like a teenage coming-of-age story than an account of literary fraud on a classic scale.Another bad point was the rather glaring mistake made at a point when something is revealed, as Phil Mercer! is exclaimed, when up until that late point in the book the character had been named PAUL Mercer, not Phil. But Im easily irked.The ending was a flat anti-climax and wirtten with such over-emphasized bleakness that it was almost as if the character was making a fuss about nothing.All in all, not the hardest book to get into but not very rewarding either. It seemed there was more focus on when the main character would lose his virginity and with whom, than there was on an actual plot crescendo.