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The Final Act Chuck Smith

The Final Act

Chuck Smith

Kindle Edition
276 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

What exciting days we are living in! Like observers invited backstage before a play, we can see the director positioning the players and making sure the props are in order. We can feel the excitement in these minutes before he signals for the curtain to rise. This analogy is apt, for God is positioning nations and current events before our very eyes. The world is ready for the curtain to be lifted for the final act. Prepare yourself for the drama of the end times—the return of Jesus Christ.In The Final Act, Pastor Chuck Smith sets the stage for God’s prophetic plan, providing insight into current world events leading up to one climatic battle that will usher in eternity.Explaining the rapture, the rise of the Antichrist, and conditions that favor the Lord’s soon return, The Final Act is a compact, hard-hitting exposé on the last days of human history.“This unique dramatic treatment is both true to the scripture and practical, both hallmarks of all Pastor Chuck’s teaching. I found it very interesting!” — Tim LaHaye“The Final Act is a powerful, provocative end times primer.” —Joel Rosenberg“The Final Act will inform your mind and move your heart to be ready when the curtain goes up.” — Mark Hitchcock